Bison Container Weighing System

Bison containerhef-en-weegsysteem_vrst
Bison containerhef-en-weegsysteem_vrst

Complies with the SOLAS Regulations

The Bison Container Weighing System is an advanced mobile weighing system, enabling simple use at any location. It weighs containers directly from the truck’s chassis, or from the ground. Weighing capacity 35 tons, CE verified. A weighing report can be sent to the preset server.

Since July 2016 Shippers or forwarders are responsible for additionally checking containers and must report the correct weight to the shipowner. That must be done before boarding the goods. This is called authentication duty. When determining the gross container weight by weighing, the weighing system must be CE verified. For more information please refer to the page Hailing Weight Containers / Solas Regulations.


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Bison Container Weighing Systeem

The Bison Container Weighing System makes the weighing of containers on a weighbridge unnecessary! The system consists of four legs with lifting structure which can be attached to the container in a simple manner. By means of the hydraulic lifting system the container is raised a few centimeters upwards, after it has been detached from the truck or trailer, so that a free space between the truck / trailer and container arises.

Then the container is weighed by the weighing system built into the lifting legs. The weight per elevating leg, the total weight and center of gravity are determined through the firmware. Al data in a weighing report, including photographs and HSE certificate can be sent by e-mail to the selected server through the app on your phone.


  • consisting of 4 weighing lifting legs
  • weighing indicator (optional) on a pole (optional)
  • capacity: 10 tons per lifting leg, 35 tons total capacity
  • CE verified, meets SOLAS Regulations
  • division by 50 kg
  • protection class IP64
  • lifting legs: welded enamelled steel construction, height adjustable, equipped with two pneumatic tires for quick and easy movement; the stabilizers ensure a safe and solid basis for raising the container
  • safe overload up to 150%; extreme overload 300%
  • each lifing leg equipped with an electronic LCD display and on / off switch with zero setting
  • data transfer through bluetooth
  • power supply: 4 AA batteries per lifting leg
  • weight: 75 kg lifting leg, including 11 kg for the weighing module


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