Mobile Stainless Steel Floor Scale with Backboard


An easily movable floor scale by the attached sturdy wheels (fixed and / or swivel), which are optionally provided with brake. Capacity and performance in accordance with specifications of the user.

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  1. Type: VV6080-150kg Weighing capacity: 150 kg Division: 50 g Platform dimensions: 600 x 800 mm Item code: 112101 Price: On application
  2. Type: VV6080-300kg Weighing capacity: 300 kg Division: 100 g Version: Verifiable Platform dimensions: 600 x 800 mm Item code: 112102 Price: On application
  3. Type: VV6080-600kg Weighing capacity: 600 kg Division: 200 g Version: Verifiable Platform dimensions: 600 x 800 mm Item code: 112103 Price: On application

Mobile floor scale with stainless steel rear wall

This industrial scale is optionally suitable for commercial use.

Weighing frame specifications

  • Weighing capacities of 150 / 300 / 600 kg
  • Removable stainless steel weighing platform, size: 600 x 800mm
  • Polished steel base frame
  • With stainless steel back wall
  • Equipped with 2 swivel and 2 fixed wheels)

Specifications Weighing Indicator ISC-XS

  • CE compliant (application for commercial purposes)
  • simple, water-protected keyboard with 5 function keys (zero, tare (manual, automatic or preset), print, on/off and function key to which a desired function can easily be linked)
  • clearly readable LCD display with illumination, height 25 mm
  • ABS plastic housing, protection class IP54
  • supplied including rotating mounting bracket (for table or wall mounting)
  • A/D 24 bit, 4-channel converter, max. 200 conv./sec. autoslect, max. 8 linearization points
  • max. 10,000e or multirange 3 x 3000e (0.3 µV/d in CE-verified application)
  • max. 1,000,000 parts readable, internal resolution is max. 3,000,000 parts
  • number of connectable load cells: 8 (350 O) / 16 (700 O)
  • digital calibration and setup can be done via the keyboard or via optional software “All ScalesTools”
  • power supply: 12V adapter (included) or 4 pieces AA batteries (exclusive); battery compartment is removable for easy battery replacement
  • functions: tare, automatic tare, high resolution weighing (10x more accurate), net/gross display, addition, formula weighing, checkweighing, percentage weighing, item counting, in/out weighing, hold and peak function
  • Dimensions, incl. mounting bracket: 216 x 71 x 129 mm (l x d x h, see dimensional drawing)
  • equipped with 1x RS232/C interface for connection to PC, PLC etc.
  • equipped with 1x RS232/C interface for connecting a (label) printer