Pallet truck scale PTI(M)

PTI(M) Wegende Handpompwagen met HP Touch Indicator
PTI(M) Wegende Handpompwagen met HP Touch Indicator

Pallet truck scale PTI(M) is available in 3 versions: extensive totalization (…-01), extensive counting function (…-02),  or dosing (…-D1). Each version can either be provided in CE-verified as not for legal trade version.

The dual-range (option) or triple-range division (option) enable additional accurate reading (only non-verified versions).

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  1. Type: PTI-20-01 Weighing capacity: 2000 kg Division: 0.2 / 0.5 / 1.0 kg Version: Not for legal trade Range: Single range Item code: 140401 Price € 2650.00
  2. Type: PTIM-20-01 Division: 1 kg Version: Verified Range: Single range Item code: 140402 Price € 2850.00 included verification fee
  3. Type: PTI-20-02 Weighing capacity: 500 / 1000 / 2000 kg Division: 0.2 / 0.5 / 1.0 kg Version: Not for legal trade Range: Triple range : Item code: 140403 Price € 3050.00
  4. Type: PTIM-20-02 Weighing capacity: 2000 kg Division: 1 kg Version: Verified Item code: 140409 Price € 3250.00 included verification fee
  5. Type: PTI-20-D1 Weighing capacity: 500 / 1000 / 2000 kg Division: 0.2 / 0.5 / 1.0 kg Range: Triple range Option: Programming of activities and recipes Charge: Calculation on subsequent costing Price € 00.00
  6. Type: PTIM-20-D1 Weighing capacity: 2000 kg Division: 1 kg Range: Single range Price € 00.00 included verification fee
  7. Price € 00.00

Pallet truck scale PTI(M)

  • standard equipped with weight indicator HP-Touch in plastic housing
  • capacity 2000 kg
  • dual range or triple range division
  • n.f.l.t. (not for legal trade) or CE verified
  • painted construction, mechanical parts stove enamelled
  • fork dim. 1150 x 550 x 85 mm
  • own weight about 125 kg
  • 4 stainless steel IP68 shear-beam load cells
  • steering wheels and double loading rollers with a polyurethane coating
    bearing structure in extra thick sheet steel and oven-fire painted interior construction

Properties Weight Indicator HP-Touch

  • backlit graphic display with touch screen technology, dim. 120x90mm (lxh)
  • multilanguage software
  • 1-key waterproof keyboard
  • alibi memory, integrated on the motherboard
  • functions available with weigh software for Windows PC:
    • extensive reporting options
    • advanced options for building a database structure
    • easily export data to for example Excel
  • power: internal rechargeable battery; incl. 230V charger; the operating time is of about 10 hours of continuous use, or 24/24h with second optional rechargeable battery.
  • full duplex RS-232C-port for receipt- or label printer
  • full duplex RS-232C-port with RJ-connector for fast communication with PC
  • 3 relay outputs 0.5A 48VAC (NO or NC-contacts)
  • 2 optoisolated inputs functioning as remote control keys
  • date/time function; IR-input for remote control

3 versions:

  • extensive totalization: loading/unloading, recipe, data entry protocol, database 1000 articles, 200 customers and 300 tares, 4 total levels, barcode scanning with article activation, 15 configurable ID-codes
  • advanced piece counting function: pieces, liters etc., loading/unloading, subtraction, counting of remnants, data-entry protocol, database for 1000 articles, 200 customers/suppliers and 300 tares, 4 total levels, barcode scanning with article activation
  • dosing: dosing of one component, database for 500 recipes

Optionally, the PTI(M) can be equipped with weighing indicator HP-Ultra.

Options i.a.:

  • additional rechargeable battery for 24/7-use
  • wireless connection to PC/printer/indicator
  • serial interface for connection to PC-keyboard / scanner
  • thermal ticketprinter TP-k (incorporated in coloumn of pallet truck)
  • WiFi-interface through acces point (WiFi IEEE 802.11b)
  • infrared remote control, max. distance approx. 8m
  • easy weigh software for Windows PC
  • built-in USB-kit
  • serial interface for connecting PC-keyboard / scanner
  • indicator version with stainless steel housing
  • BlueTooth interface (2.0 +EDR) for fast wireless programming of activities and recipes, via PC or tablet
  • additional attached counting weighing platform for determining reference numbers when counting articles

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