Tomato Harvest Scale TWXL

TWXL Tomatenweger Aanbieding
TWXL Tomatenweger Aanbieding

Tomato harvest scale TWXL is specially designed for weighing picking trolleys. Extra large version, flexible mobile; equipped with 4 solid wheels with brake assembly.

Not for legal trade (standard) or optionally CE verified. Weighing capacity 300 kg or customized different capacity.

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Tomato harvest scale TWXL

  • special version for weighing of harvesting trolleys, extra large construction
  • capacity up to 300 kg or customized
  • division 0.1 – 0.5 kg
  • version: not for legal trade; CE-verified against extra price (verification fee for application for legal trade)
  • rugged stove enamelled steel or stainless steel construction
  • fold-up ramps
  • smoothly movable; equipped with four solid castors; when the ramps are pivoted down, the wheels get lifted from the floor and it installs the TWXL in a stable way
  • 4 waterprotected load cells
  • standard weight indicator ISCI with clearly readable display, or different weight indicator by optional choice
  • ABS plastic indicator housing, waterprotected keypad
  • functions i.a. tare, automatic or manual tare, high resolution weighing (10x more accurate indication); nett/gross indication; cumulative weighing, in-/out, hold function, peak value
  • database for 10 tares; 2 numerical ID’s; keypad lock; repeat latest print
  • equipped with 1x RS232/C / RS485 interface for connection to (label)printer
  • power: internal rechargeable battery

Demo Price: 2750.00 (only 2 pieces are available at this price!)


  • several options available
  • design and dimensions according to your specifications, in consultation