Weighbridge HM-WB

Weegbrug 0275 Nbg
Weegbrug 0275 Nbg

Electronic modular weighbridge with separate weighing platforms L and R, composed of modules. Weighing capacities up to 60 tons, CE-verified.

The modular construction enables a quick installation and an easy removal, if necessary. No crane is required for assembly and dismantling, the modules can be moved with a forklift truck

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Electronic modular weighbridge HM-WB

Standard versions

Type HM-WB-6-15 HM-WB-12-40 HM-WB-18-60
capacity 15 ton 40 ton 60 ton
division 5 kg 20 kg 20 kg
length* 6 meter 12 meter 18 meter

* Length excluded ramps.

General specifications weighbridge

  • separated weighing platforms (left and right), composed of modules
  • the modular construction enables a quick installation and an easy removal, if necessary
  • no crane is required for assembly and dismantling, the modules can be moved with a forklift truck
  • weighing capacities up to 60 tons / division 20 kg, CE-verified
  • total length weighing platforms excl. ramps:  600, 1200 or 1800 cm; the total width is variable due to the separated platforms, as standard it is fixed at 300 cm
  • optional: ramps, length approx. 400 cm
  • made of high quality materials and suitable for placement on leveled stelcon plates (size LxWxH: 300 x 200 x 14 cm, 2 rows of 8 units contiguous) or a reinforced concrete floor of at least 2800 x 400 x 14 cm (l x w x thickness)
  • low profile weighing platforms (37 cm high), robust construction with anti-slip top of 8 mm thick lacquered steel plate
  • corrosion-resistant paint finish
  • waterproof, stainless steel analog load cells, protection class IP68
  • dust and watertight connecting cables
  • including digital indicator, model HP-Touch with firmware FW03
  • including connecting cable with a length of up to 20 meters from the indicator to the weighbridge

Properties digital indicator HP-Touch / FW03

  • splash water protected ABS plastic housing IP65
  • backlit graphic display with touch screen technology, dim. 120x90mm (lxh)
  • multilanguage software
  • 1-key waterproof keyboard
  • selectable QWERTY, AZERTY or QWERTZ keyboard integrated in the touch screen
  • dimensions housing: 278 x 125 x 186 mm (w x d x h)
  • suitable for use on the worktable, pole, or wall mounted
  • real-time clock and permanent data storage
  • alibi memory, integrated on the motherboard
  • functions available with weigh software for Windows PC:
    • extensive reporting options
    • advanced options for building a database structure
    • easily export data to for example Excel
  • connectable to printers and labellers with free programmation of the printout formats
  • power: 110-240 Vac

Firmware features

  • database for 500 customers / suppliers with 2 alphanumeric descriptions of 20 characters each, linked tare, incoming total, outgoing total, net total, total of the weights
  • database for 500 articles with alphanumeric description of 20 characters, linked tare, incoming total, outgoing total, net total, total of the weights
  • database for 500 trucks/vehicles with alphanumeric description of 20 characters, license plate (10 characters), linked tare, incoming total, outgoing total, net total, total of the weights
  • 6 levels of resettable totals that can be printed independently: partial total, general total, large total, customer total, article total, truck total

Thanks to the programmable Touch Screen Display, you can create custom-made interfaces for any application.

Options i.a.

  • ramps, length approx. 400 cm
  • side rails to prevent the vehicle from driving off the side of the weighbridge
  • stainless steel case for indicator
  • cards (tags) for identification with the reader


Not all options from the list below can be combined.
Please call: (+31)(0)416 69 34 04 for advice.

1Remote controls
Art. codeDescriptionPrice
1280203AS-RFSET Radio frequency module and 6 key remote control 433MHz€ 200.00
2Communication Interfaces
Art. codeDescriptionPrice
1280803AS-END Ethernet converter€ 275.00
2286713RS-485-U – extended RS-485 interface for HP- and VPI-series€ 95.00
3286101Profi-HP – Profibus interface for HP€ 195.00
4280703AS-ENI-S Serial Ethernet Module€ 250.00
5286710AS-RFUSB Radio Frequency Module€ 495.00
6286712AS-RFI Radio interface€ 395.00
7280401AS-BTI Bluetooth interface€ 90.00
8280301AS-WI Wifi interface PCB€ 380
9286704AS-ANOP Analog output with D/A 16 bit converter€ 130
10286703RS-485 Interface for ISC series€ 32.50
3Power supply
Art. codeDescriptionPrice
1280005ACCU-HP – IP67 SS external batterypack€ 250.00
2280006ACCUKB-HP – cable for ACCU-HP rechargeable battery€ 39.50
3280007ACCUAL-HP – charger for ACCU-HP battery€ 195.00
4Connection Cables
Art. codeDescriptionPrice
1280706AS-USB-ES Converter RS-232 to USB€ 43.5
2280212AS-TBKL – PC-Keyboard Cable with mini-DIN-connector€ 45.00
3280708AS-USB-FC-5.0 – Converter RS-232 to USB, 5 mtr cable€ 95.00
4280707AS-USB-FC-1.8 – Converter RS-232 to USB, 1,8 mtr cable€ 57.50
5280713UTP-KB – UTP Cable 3 meters
(+31)(0)416 69 34 04
6286804AS-KBC10 – RS232/C Serial Cable, DB9/RJ11, 10 meters€ 75.00
7286803AS-KBC1.5 – RS232/C Serial Cable, DB9/RJ11, 1.5 meters€ 45.00
8286802AS-KB10 – RS232 Cable, length 10 m for BP-510, BP-720 printer€ 75.00
9286801AS-KB1,5 – RS232 Cable 1.5 m for BP-510, BP-720 printer€ 45.00
5Dust covers
Art. codeDescriptionPrice
1286212SK-ISCIHPU – Dust Cover for Weight Indicator ISCI / HP-U€ 9.00
6Protection against electronic discharge
Art. codeDescriptionPrice
1285201AS-IBBK – Built-in Protection Board€ 325.00
7Keyboard / Scanners
Art. codeDescriptionPrice
1285808BLT 3.0 – Bluetooth Scanner€ 640.00
2285809BLTP Scanner 3.0 – Pocket Mini Bluetooth Scanner 3.0€ 544.00
3280213AS-QWERTY – PC Keyboard€ 39.50
8Check lights
Art. codeDescriptionPrice
1286809AS-PBCL 3 Color Check Light in ABS housing€ 375.00
9Printers / Labellers
Art. codeDescriptionPrice
1210901Slipprinter Epson TM-U295€ 650.00
2211001Thermal Ticketprinter AS-310€ 315.00
3211402P-BP720 Peel-off module
(+31)(0)416 69 34 04
11Display Personalization
Art. codeDescriptionPrice
1280211AS-GHS – Memory Card / Customization Logos and Images€ 15.00
Art. codeDescriptionPrice
1181001GRM-XL Weight Indicator / Repeater in SS housing€ 700.00
13Fieldbus interface
Art. codeDescriptionPrice
1285806Profinet interface RS485 voor DIN rail montage€ 475.00
2181206Ethernet IP interface RS485 for DIN rail montage€ 475.00
3181205EtherCAT Interface RS485 / DIN Rail Mounting€ 475.00
4181204DeviceNET Interface RS485 for DIN Rail Mounting€ 475.00
5181203CANOPEN Interface RS485 / DIN Rail Mounting€ 475.00
14Digital Input/Output
Art. codeDescriptionPrice
1286037AS-C2OUT – Expansion Module with 2 Additional Outputs€ 49.00
2286036AS-C2IN – Expansion Module with 2 Additional Inputs€ 48.00
15Storing the Weighs
Art. codeDescriptionPrice
1280505USB built-in kit for HP(R)-Touch€ 215.00
2280503USB-stick 4GB€ 22.50