Our Service

To Henk Maas Scales, selling scales is not just limited to “passing on” boxes. Our skilled team of technicians is stand by in case a malfunction should occur.
A problem caused by an operational mistake can often be solved by phone, but if a technical malfunction occurs, we will come to your place!
Good to know that you can count on an adequate, skilled service during and after the warranty period.

Service on location
Our technical service stands ready for you, in case an unexpected operational or technical problem should occur with your scale. We will visite your workshop on request, and:

  • there will be no charge for travelling expenses for larger scales during the warranty period (if located in The Netherlands or Belgium and provided that our general terms and conditions have been complied to, such as a proper use);
  • for small scales which can be easily transported, travelling expenses will be charged, no matter whether it is within or beyond the warranty period. Travelling expenses can be avoided off course by sending the scale to our address.

See also our general terms and conditions (pfd-file).


Calibration subscriptions

Call, fax or email us if you have questions or want more information about calibration subscriptions. You can also contact us for calibration or repair of weighing equipment not supplied by us.

Do not hesitate to call, fax or e-mail us for further information.


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