Crane Scale KW-H-25

KW-H kraanunster m hitteschild
KW-H kraanunster m hitteschild

Crane Scale KW-H has a solid construction and has a capacities of 25 ton. Equipped with clearly readable, large LED-display, and infrared remote control.

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  1. Type: KW-H-25 Weighing capacity: 25000 kg Division: 5 kg Version: Not for legal trade Item code: 090903 Price € 3999.00

Crane Scale KWH

  • not for legal trade: 25000 kg
  • division: see under “Versions”
  • included radiofrequency 6-key remote control, 433MHz, for use up to 50 m of distance. Configurable as automatic tare only or as a remote keypad
  • available functions remote controle: zero, tare, enable/disable function, print, switch-off
  • own weight 86 kg
  • extremely sturdy steel housing, oven-fire painted, IP67 protection class
  • large LED-display, 40 mm character height, clearly legible in all lighting conditions
  • accuracy +/- 0,03% F.S. (full scale)
  • water resistant keyboard with 5 function keys (zero setting, automatic tare, mode, print and on/off)
  • protective screen in plexiglas in front of display and keyboard
  • full range tare function
  • prepared to remote control for up to 8 m, configurable as automatic tare only or as a 4-key remote keypad
  • operating temperature -10°C ~ +80°C with optional heat shield (verified version -10°C ~ +40°C)
  • digital set-up and calibration programmable directly from keyboard using a sample weight
  • programmable digital filter and auto switch-off
  • functions: high resolution weighing x 10, net/gross or lb/kg conversion, accumulation; +/- checkweighing, percentage weighing, counting; HOLD (lock of the displayed weight), PEAK (maximum value read), peer-to-peer
  • power: internal, rechargeable hermetically sealed battery with a 60-hour operating time, incl. 230V battery charger

* Heat shield for protection from high temperatures (Max 80°C). The thermal shield prevents the heat beneath the shield, in the form of infrared rays, to quickly increase the crane scale temperature. With the thermal shield it is possible to quickly pass over heat sources having a strong infrared ray emission. The amount of time which it can be above these sources depends on the type of source energy and the distance of the crane scale from it.


Measurement sketch (mm) Swivelling hook / Connection ring for Crane scale KW-H (options)

draaihaak maatschets (klik voor vergroting) Swivelling hook A B C D H
30 Ton 133 568 139 667 88


Ophangoog maatschets (klik voor vergroting) Connection ring A B C
30 Ton 270 180 340


Heat shield Measurement sketch (option)


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